Books are our best friends. Like true friends they will never leave our side even for a moment.  To inculcate this precious bonding between a child and his books, we have come up with Biblioteka-an innovative library for Children – Book Stop.

Reading,an imaginary world where books take you to,the comfort of cuddling with a book,the joy of learning,the wonder of discovering,of introducing all this and more at a very young age,we decided to come up with Biblioteka-Sixth Element childrens library,where you can come,read,browse,borrow and spend quality time with books .A library with special and unique features.

The Unique Features of Our Book Stop

We, at Sixth Element-a Unique school in Gurgaon, provide you with regular updates of an extensive collection of books.

Book Stop has the perfect ambience which appeals to the mind of a Child. He can meet characters, authors, and playmates there.

Book Stop is a perfect amalgamation of contemporary writes, child authors as well as classic storybooks that inspire the young minds.

We at Sixth Element School, Gurgaon ensure that your kids can enjoy reading their favourite books at their own pace. Also, the parents are most welcome to give company /read along.

Book Stop

Book Stop, an innovative approach of Sixth Element – the top-ranked on the list of best schools in Gurgaon, helps them develop a passion for reading. Here. They will be able to realise how fun it can be to read books.

Our library promotes the idea of recycling. You need not buy expensive storybooks . Instead, they can come here and read books of their choice. In this way, you can save money, prevent the cutting of trees for making more books, and promote a reading habit in your child.

Also, at Sixth Element – the prime in the rundown of top schools in Gurgaon, provides the members of Book Stops to use several reference books for completion of different school projects and activities.

Time to Avail the Book Stop Now!

Sixth Element, in its unique approach, is trying to inculcate and promote reading habits in your kids. Besides, we at Book Stop, are trying our best to create that perfect ambience where your kids feel warm and welcome.