Nursery School Or Full Day Daycare ?

Question that we get asked sometimes is, whats the difference between a nursery school – that also has an afternoon daycare (like the Sixth Element @ South City 1) and “full day” daycare centers, that also operate in Gurgaon?

This blog attempts to provide some perspective:

 Some of the key features of the Sixth Element nursery school & daycare are:

  • We have a unique child psychology, led child engagement cum development curriculum with daily activities & play based engagement schedule for children designed to develop the child – so very important in the 0-5 years age group – when the child’s brain, body & cognitive skills are  developing exponentially and as all research indicates, such daily engagement & play therapy is most critical for any child – as it builds their foundation for the rest of child’s life.
  • At the Sixth element Schools &daycare, there’s lots & lots of activities & engagement during the day – not just child care.
  • There’s experiential engagement & learning with lots of activities, projects, story listening, discussions – with some activities also being done outdoors in our green campus environment 
  • Besides there’s music & dance; art & creativity; fitness & foundation sports activities(such as ball throwing, catching – for strengthening their  foundation skills so critical when they move into a formal school, serious sports), 
  • Outdoor games, such as cycling,  roller skating, hop-skip-jump, etc  
  • Self esteem & confidence building by various activities – balancing, risk management & strengthening oneself; balancing individual winning with team play & collaboration,etc
  • games, fun & social interaction with other children  as well as our care giving trained counselors – who are all very fond of children & follow a specific daily activities and engagement plan. 
  • We do all this in a safe, warm nurturing, friendly environment while we provide home cooked organic & pure meals to nurture their hunger pangs…as children do get hungry with so much engagement & activities. 
  • As well known in Gurgaon, all of our campuses have green infrastructure & we follow Eco-friendly operating practices(like no plastics, recycling, clean air environment with lots of air cleaning plants), have a nurturing warm culture etc), 
  • Essentially we are respected for our activities led curriculum & day to day engagement model  in touch with the elements – i.e hall mark of the sixth element “schools cum daycare” Centers …. 

Quite in contrast, to our engaging, activities filled operating model, a classical full daycare centre is essentially  a “day care only” centre – where children are cared for during the day – meals are provided – in often a fully air conditioned “indoors only” environment. So in a daycare, the child is taken care during the day, is fed, sleeps, plays indoors – primarily on his/her own, while the parents are away and handed over to parents in the afternoon/evening – after care during the day. In other words , most daycare centres essentially “care” for children during the day and  “do not” – unlike high quality nursery schools like the Sixth element – have any child development curriculum, or any child psychology led development & engagement programs.

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