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Raising kids who are intellectually smart and compassionate is a tough task. Child psychol0gists have for years claimed that regular

Future of Early Childhood Care & Education – Best Schools in Gurgaon

Future of Early Childhood Care & Education – Best Schools in Gurgaon

Education is essential for each individual and early education plays the most significant role in establishing a child’s Future. It’s not so well known that the early years – particularly up to the age 6 – is the most critical for brain, cognitive, emotional & behavioural development in humans – so kinder-garden schools & an engaging day-care is absolutely critical – as they lay the very foundation. Choosing the best schools near sector 31 Gurgaon might become difficult but once you admit your child in the best school, you are not just giving your child a place to study but It’s a step towards his/her future.

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So while many parents focus on selecting the right “formal” school. While that is important; selecting right kinder garden and identifying the right engaging day-care is even more important – as the foundation is laid in these early years.

Also many parents are so particular of the brand & visibility of the school chain, that they forget that we are now living in radically different times when the traditional methods just wont to relevant anymore.

Here are some critical points:

  • focus on application-oriented activities & projects- in a warm nurturing environment
  • “Team” based collaboration
  • Developing basic understanding of the why and to some extent the how of things including by going outdoors – and sometimes off the campus (nearby) also under teacher supervision.
  • creative arts -Theatre, collaboration, music, dance, sports, activities, fitness, etc etc
  • Developing happy positive disposition, etc – in a warm, nurturing friendly environment.
  • No rote Learning; except for the very basics like letters, numbers, etc – and that too in the nursery & KG classes and not before.
  • Learning green & moral values, not just the blind pursuit of money & material success.

And by all of the above – development of a curious mind always keen to learn more and more in our ever changing & evolving world

So in evolving times like these – top schools in Gurgaon need to be very different from the traditional mould.

All of the above and more can only happen, if students enjoy “learning” and enjoy coming to school or an “engaging” daycare – which by the way – is meaning of The Sixth Element;  and so with active partnership with parents, we develop the behavioural competency of continuous & enjoyable learning and each day is a l is a day of discovery – “i.e. an aha day”!

Thus in the school of the future, teachers & learning infrastructure will ensure that each day is igniting & continuously re-igniting the “joy of learning “– i.e. the Sixth element!

come do visit one of the best cbse schools in Gurgaon to experience the Sixth element school of future – at green experiential school & daycare @SouthCity1 as well as our new campus @tata Primanti.

Thoughts? do share/let us know your perspective.

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