Pets for kids

Pets and specially dogs are considered a man’s best friend. History speaks that the dog was the first animal to be tamed by a human.

Since that time dogs and pets are a part of our life and it would be appropriate to say that they are even more loving towards kids. It would not be wrong to say that a dog is a child’s best friend. The unconditional love, playful active nature and the care provided by pets develop empathy, responsibility, and confidence in kids.

Pets for Kids

For many people, pets are not just tamed animals but an integral part of the family. They are cared for and looked after just like any other member of the family. They bring joy to the house and to a kid’s life, they can even treat autism in kids. Not just this but there is a vast range of benefits with keeping pets at home. Raising kids with a pet at home is very beneficial for them and here are some of the benefits.

  1. Fewer sickness complaints: Finland`s Kuopio University Hospital reported that children who grew up with pets tend to fall less sick due to their immune system getting stronger as the dogs spread around certain germs that make them stronger. Also, kids growing with dogs have less asthma and allergies due to their strengthened immune.
  2. Better self-confidence: Kids growing with pets inculcate a sense of self-confidence which is believed to be an outcome of the unconditional love provided by them. Practicing a speech in front of a mirror is a general confidence booster but practicing infants of their pets, reciting their speeches and poems to their pets is an even better way to increase self-confidence.
  3. Pets make them active: Kids tend to be more attracted towards the digital world and spend more time in mobile and computer games. The lack of regular physical activity makes them obese and lazy also prone to diseases. Pets and especially dogs are the best companion for physical activities. So your child can’t sit still for long, regular walks, playing ball are a good way to keep their physical activity in check.
  4. Pets help autism: Some of the world’s best doctors suggest kids suffering from autism to live with service trained dogs. Animal therapy is considered the best help for children suffering through autism. Dogs help in reducing their stress levels dramatically.
  5. Support with unconditional love: Animals are very less demanding and they love unconditionally. Children who feel lonely or suffering through sibling rivalry tend to find their best friends in dogs and pets. They help them to be more expressive of their feeling, showing their emotions and while the animal never judges or criticizes them.

A pet is a very good addition to your family, especially if your kid is suffering from loneliness or is quiet and more into games. Pets will increase their physical activity, cure their loneliness, reduce their stress level, improve their immune system and make them more caring, responsible and empathetic.


I would like to share my experience on this.

I had to get my daughter from the boarding back to Gurgaon and she was very unhappy.

She didn’t like anything in her school

She refused to make friends and her academics were just not going anywhere.

After 6 months her class teacher suggested us to get a dog as a pet. The father being an anti-dog we got 2 dogs. Aditi was a changed person after that .she was probably missing the company being a single child suddenly she had 2 dogs as her little brothers.

In one month’s time her academic performance shot up leaving everyone shocked and surprised and there’s no looking back after this.

I always believed that pets especially dogs do bring harmony and happiness in the households.