Why A Library For Young Children?

Preschool Gurgaon• A library brings your child a wider variety of books updated regularly
• At the Book stop, u will find a blend of classics that you as a child grew up reading as well as works of contemporary writers and child authors
• The library is not just a storehouse of books but also a unique space where your child will meet characters, playmates, and authors!
• It is here that your child will be able to explore and browse thru her preferred collection at her unhurried pace. You can join in the reading too, learn the art of storytelling or teach some of your storytelling techniques to other parents
• Book stop also provides members with a range of reference books that they can access for planning activities for child events or school projects
• Space connects you to a community of readers and that’s how your child will know the art and experience the passion for reading
• More importantly, why buy when u can recycle.