Keystone Habits and Kids

Raising kids who are intellectually smart and compassionate is a tough task. Child psychol0gists have for years claimed that regular habits and rituals help kids grow smart and kind and they call these keystone habits. These are habits that trigger a “chain reaction” in our life and help us succeed and outperform our peers.

Let’s look at some of these regular to dos we need to internalize as daily processes for the child (these incidentally also address the “sensitivity to order” popularized by Maria Montessori)

Most of us plan daily goals which we seldom achieve. Yet, something as simple as making our bed as a daily morning ritual can bring about a huge change. Likewise, a child taught to make his/her own bed in the morning will get a sense of achievement and confidence that follows task closure. Adding on more rituals (for instance laying the dinner table or cleaning the wardrobe, stacking books, watering the plants etc.)  Will only add to the sense of accomplishment in children. Thus even if at some point they fail, or have a rough day, they’ll at least return to a bed that’s already made or a clean tidy room!

Parents of course need to and must regularize the habit of ‘reading to their young ones’

Reading daily to your kids is immensely impactful:

  • They hear a huge variety of words which increases their vocabulary and they are able to communicate better and smartly
  • More reading to your child increases their neuron and connectivity, and grows their intellectual expanse
  • Reading brings focus and adds to increasing concentration levels in the child.
  • Stories are a good medium to send key messages around aggression, anger management and patience
  • Finally reading together builds a strong bond. Children remember these moments vividly as the best time spent with their parents,

Make that 1 hour in the evening “A gadget less hour “and read to your child!!!